castle amber

Perl Development & Consultancy

Castle Amber is a software development and IT consultancy company owned by John Bokma. Over the past 25+ years, John has specialized himself in developing applications using the Perl programming language. The academic background (MSc) of John and his broad experience as a software developer with information technology provide the customers of Castle Amber with sound solutions to various IT problems and questions encountered. Currently, John uses mainly the Perl programming language in his solutions, but only if this is the best choice.

IT projects

For your information, short descriptions of some of the IT projects John has done are grouped in two classes:

Program code reuse and Open Source

With each IT project an attempt is made to use existing open source software and program libraries where possible to reduce the development time as much as possible. For example in solutions that use the Perl programming language John tries to reuse as many existing program code as possible by using Perl modules available at the CPAN or developed in house.

In short, John Bokma prefers the use of FLOSS and program libraries to ensure a solid support base for you and also reduce the software development and maintenance costs of your IT projects.

Version control

John keeps all the program code he develops and related files under version control using git. However, he has also experience with Subversion.