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Farshad Mohimani ripped me off

Farshad Mohimani of ripped me off. He hired me to work on a Perl program but decided not to pay. According to him he didn't rip me off "because I have not stolen any product from you and run without paying."

But Farshad Mohimani left me with a Perl program without paying me for the time I spent coding it for him. That's ripping me off.

His "explanation"? First Farshad claimed he didn't receive any more emails after Monday the 20th of April, 2009, and thought I was no longer interested. Yet he replied the 22th to an email I had sent him on that very same day.

Next, he claimed that I had not received his emails after that day.

It really doesn't matter. On Monday I had already emailed Farshad Mohimani that the Perl program he asked me to write was finished pending two small modifications that might be required based on the data he didn't provide, and never did, despite several requests for it.

In short, based on my experience: Farshad Mohimani can't be trusted, and even considers not paying for a service not stealing...

Be very alert when you are contacted by Farshad Mohiman or any other representative of you might be next.

Farshad Mohimani

The following information was obtained via whois / Google or provided in emails:

                Farshad Mohimani
                Senior Consultant
                AlfaNetworks Limited
                  Company nr: 05920169
                  Incorporation date: 31 August 2006
                19 Simmons Lane
                London E4 6JH
                United Kingdom
                Tel:+44 (0)8701 993 043
                Fax: +44 (0)845 299 2130