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Java ticker applet "AmberTicker"

AmberTicker is a small and easy to use ticker applet written in the Java programming language. The colors and the width of the Java ticker applet can be changed. See the example below:

Java is needed to see the AmberTicker applet.

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Download AmberTicker

Use the button below to download the file. If you don't want to give your email address leave the field blank. Please, don't enter a bogus email address.

Email address:

Installation of the Java class file

Unzip the file after downloading. Upload the Java class file "AmberTicker.class" to a directory on your website. Make sure that you use binary mode to transfer the file via FTP.

Add the following HTML code to the HTML page you wish to have the AmberTicker Java applet on:

<object codetype="application/java"
  <param name="copyright"
value="(c) Castle Amber, 1998">
  <param name="bg"
  <param name="off"
  <param name="on"
  <param name="message"
value="AmberTicker Example ***">
   Java is needed to see the AmberTicker applet

This code example uses the recommended way to embed a Java Applet, see APPLET is deprecated in favor of OBJECT

Change the following values:

Use 1 added to 16 times the number of characters to display at the same time. For example if you want a display width of 16 characters use 1 + 16 x 16 = 257.
The background color of the display. Use the same format as used by HTML colours without the #. For example to obtain a black background use "000000".
The color of a LED when turned off. Use the same format as used by HTML colours without the #. Example "003300"
The color of a LED when turned off. Use the same format as used by HTML colours without the #. Example "CCCC33"
The delay in milliseconds between two frames. This is the scroll speed. A lower value gives faster scrolling. Use a value between 10 and 30.
The message to display. A space is appended to the end of the message to make a nice wrap around. If you have a very long message you can use message1, message2 .. message50 to split the message over multiple lines in your HTML code. The messages are concatenated with a space appended to the end of each message. Example:
<param name="message"  value="This is">
<param name="message1" value="a very">
<param name="message2" value="long">
<param name="message3" value="message">

If you leave out any of the following: bg, off, on, delay, a default is used.


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Please contact me if you encounter problems, have a suggestion or just to say you like the Java applet.