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Testimonials by customers

Below follow testimonials written by customers who have hired John Bokma to do Perl development / SEO for them.

Movable Type Weblog

I learned to know John as a frequent poster on, where he shows his knowledge about SEO business. When starting the Movable Type Weblog I was constantly in need of a Perl programmer. John has helped me several times with small and large Perl related problems.

John always offered his work for a reasonable price. He delivered each and every programm in time. The results could always be used without any problems.

I have not had a chance to meet John in person. Nevertheless I am sure, he is a smart and nice guy. If you need a helping hand, give this guy a chance.

Michael G. Schneider - Movable Type Lookup.

Tambourine Web Design

I commissioned John to write a Perl/flatfile database script for me. As well as being a good programmer, he is also a very nice guy! He was friendly and quick to reply to emails, and completed the job on time.

He also gave me step-by-step instructions on implementing the script, and gave support for weeks thereafter - for no extra fee. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking any of his services, and am sure that I'll use him again in the future.

Stephen O'Brien - Tambourine Web Design, now Tiny Web Design - Ireland

Workwide Ltd

"Yesterday I had a problem, today it was solved by a guy in Mexico". John helped me out wonderfully with a newsfeed tool to automatically submit headlines about HR to specialized websites. It's a Dutch page, but you can see the result at (in the left column).

Not only is John very good at his job. He also delivers more than you expect and the quality is superb. I highly recommend John.

Arno de Vries - founder and CEO Workwide Ltd - the Netherlands