castle amber

Programming hourly rate

My Perl programming hourly rate for fixed price quoted work is 100 euro/hour.

  • The minimum number of hours charged is 4 hours.
  • Payments should be made within 10 business days after project completion.
  • Payments must be made directly into my bank account with the exception of payments of 8 hours or less which can be paid using PayPal.
  • I can not accept checks.
  • High priority projects are charged with an additional 15%.
  • I can give no discount.

Contact me now for a quote

Please use the contact form to receive a quotation or to discuss a project with me. While I am able to offer support via instant messenger in some limited cases I can not discuss a project via instant messenger or over the phone; it eats up too much time.

Google can be used to convert my rate to your currency, for example: 100 eur in usd

Final note: do not contact me for so-called win-win projects or other forms of a "partnership".