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Resume of John Bokma

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Name:John Bokma
Date of birth:February 15, 1967
Email:use contact form
Languages:Dutch (native), English (fluently)


Extensive experience as a programmer with the Perl programming language (including OOP) and the Java programming language (including J2EE components like: JDBC, servlets/JSP with Tomcat/Apache, and XML parsing).

Multiskilled GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Effective, efficient, concise and creative worker. Self-employed as programmer, using "Castle Amber" for company name, since 1994.


Creative brainstorming facilitator. Defines the problem. Finds practical solutions. Familiar with a wide range of development tools and programming languages.


Maintaining my personal website / blog Hacking and Hiking in Mexico.

Reading (technical books, science, police procedure, science fiction and fantasy), scorpions and other arachnids, hiking.

You can download my resume as a PDF file (105 KB).

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Resume of John Bokma (PDF, 105 KB)