castle amber

Experience 1998


Perl, Apache web server, IRIX 5.3 operaring system - Did some sever maintenance. Created a Perl program to extract information from Apache web server access logs. Developed an improved CGI web counter (multi-count) using the Perl programming language.

Meijer Energie & Milieumanagement

Perl, Apache web server, C programming language, IRIX 5.3 operating system - Added several new graphs (line and bar) to the graph drawing program written in C. Added a total overview of buildings and a daily usage overview (both using the Perl programming language).

Microsoft Excel - Developed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet solution that calculates the efficiency of several methods of environmental (energy) savings. Developed a spreadsheet solution to calculate heating degree-days and heating degree-hours.


Java, Apache web server, IRIX 5.3 operating system, Microsoft Windows - Developed a prototype for planning banners on websites using the Java programming language. Wrote the documentation for the libraries and programs. Wrote the functional design of a banner planning system. Developed the web banner server in Java.