castle amber

Experience 1996-1997

Machinefabriek Duiker

HP BASIC, HP Basic for Windows with BPLUS extension - Consulting on the replacement of a very old computer system with a new one, while preserving the functionality of the software. Modifications to the program in order to make it run with HP Basic for Windows. Replacement of the original character oriented user interface with a Windows GUI (BPLUS extension).

Ingenieursbureau Geodelta B.V

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.1 (and MFC), Windows NT/Windows95, Perl - Development of an object oriented method for run-time object linking, and design of modular (component based) software, after evaluation of exisiting methods. Functional specification and writing of a paper that the method proposed by Castle Amber. This method is now called "Phoxy Technology" and is still in use.

Implementation of the component based software with run time linking using dynamically loadable libraries (DLLs). Writing of documentation. Developed several software components that are the core of an advanced photogrammetric (3D measurement in 2D images) application called Phoxy.

Developed additional components for the Phoxy Project (GUI components). Extended several of the database components (additional queries)

A Perl program was created to automatically generate the documentation from comments in the C++ source of each component, slightly based on JavaDoc.

Meijer Energie & Milieumanagement

Microsoft Excel (Office 95) - Developed an Excel spreadsheet application for assignment of subsidy for environment related savings (STIMMI). Developed three Excel spreadsheet solutions for calculations of isolation, relative air humidity, and temperature.


Perl, C programming language, Apache web server, IRIX 5.3 operating system - Converted the Perl version of the Nedstat Basic counter to the C programming language and wrote the documentation of the C version.


SGI Indigo R3000, Perl, Apache web server, IRIX 5.3 operating system, Microsoft Windows 95 - Developed software for web banner serving and the logging of banner views (impressions) and banner clicks. Developed a Perl program to let website visitors dynamically add links to a database and an additional Perl script that dynamically generates a web page based on the links in the database. Developed a program to post messages on Usenet (NNTP). Developed a script that gives an overview of page view counts for several web counters.

Meijer Energie & Milieumanagement

Perl, C programming language, Apache web server, IRIX 5.3 operating system - Developed several CGI scripts using the Perl programming language for the Energy-Online project. Together these Perl programs visualize (bar graph, table) the actual energy usage of a building and the target energy usage. The C programming language was used to create bitmaps (GIF) of the graphs. Owners of each building monitored have an account and can watch statistics online.

Given a small course in Perl programming and CGI development.