castle amber

Experience 1994-1995

Castle Amber

C programming language and ARM assembly - Developed a 16 channel telephone conversation recorder (PhoneBase). Designed part of the software (mostly drivers in ARM assembly) and part of the hardware (digital sample card using dual buffering, eurocard format).


Basic, C programming language, ARM assembly, RISC OS - Extended an image processing program, Creator, with several additional operations. Speed up and optimization of the pixel reduction algorithm written in ARM assembly (eight pixels to one) used by the Creator application.

Ingenieursbureau Geodelta B.V

C programming language, RISC OS - Development of a photo view application. Points with labels can be added to each image for calculating purposes.

Exact Software Nederland

Microsoft C, in-house tool PMS (version control, bug reporting), Exact library, MS DOS, Windows 3.11 (WfW) - Conversion of many small DOS applications written in C to Windows 3.11 and replacing calls to the old (text based user interface) library with calls to the new Windows library.


Turbo C, MS DOS - Development of a program (WULBZ) that advises the user which insurance method to use for employees that become ill.