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CLOSED because I am very busy at this moment. The answers are still on-line, but you can't ask me questions at this moment. When I've more time available I am going to write some small tutorials

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WHY this service? Well, I like to help people with "the craft". Besides I can learn from your questions. After reading my posting statistics in a Dutch newsgroup I decided to move my helping hand to the WWW. This way my answers stay on line and are available to anyone with the same kind of questions.


PROFESSIONAL consultancy and software development is available through my company Castle Amber.

Castle Amber

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WHERE can I find the answer? When I consider the answer useful for many people I add it to a web page and you can read it here. Small questions will be replied by email. When I can't answer your question I try to give you pointers so you can continue your search.


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The last topic is there to satisfy some curious people. Don't expect an answer to any question on that topic.

Note: Java is not the same as JavaScript. I don't use JavaScript so I can't help you with questions regarding this language.


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